Who’s tipsy? Why words?

I like language, and words are a big influence on us.

Here are some ways:

– the rhetoric of advertisers and politicians (or the busybodies of our families).

– the way someone chooses to greet us or tell us how we look in our new dress or how they feel about us.

-information like the good stuff on Public Broadcasting science programs or yawn-inducers like the directions to our tax returns.

-story:  books, movies, magazine articles, jokes, riddles, gossip, television shows, plays, musicals, songs, etc, etc, etc.

-sound. Honestly, I’ve perked up my day with pronunciation, of all things. Enunciation, the physicality of producing sound, trying new words – it’s all fun. I’d dare to say for you,  too…. Don’t think so? Ever tried to do a foreign accent or mimic someone’s speech?

So, you know, I thought it was a cute, apt, widely inclusive blog title.And, I’m generally horrible at naming blogs. I figured this one I could live with. Let’s hope.

This blog a book thing, a word thing, a language (foreign and native) thing, a communication thing, and most definitely a story thing. Language is fun, and I want to have fun with it. So, I write a bit, and read a lot and I teach English. I’m kind of under the influence of language.

You, too?

Oh, yes.

I forgot. I should probably say something about myself. I’ve had several blogs. I seem to want to change them the way other people change their furniture around. I have considerable hopes I can discipline myself to stay with this one for a lengthy period of time. I’m an English language teacher (and, therefore, should know to proofread much more carefully than I do!) and I freelance write sometimes. I’m working on a Jane Austen-related novel…