On the fake media outrage, an exceedingly brief commentary…

…because it’s a big topic with lots to say, and I’m just putting a portion of it into a nutshell here.

The thing about this ‘fake media’ outrage is this:

We have a huge problem in that we want to be able to verify information merely by seeing the name of a particular newspaper, or to be able to eschew information merely because of the name of a website. Names equal reputations, I know. But reputations are not always what they are cracked up to me.

So, you read something in The New York Times? Don’t think it hasn’t been through the wrong kind of filter. (Read Unspeakable by Chris Hedges and David Talbot for a former NYT reporter’s take on the NYT.)

Read something on a site you don’t know? That doesn’t mean it isn’t factual info. Or that part of it isn’t.

We need to learn to do MORE than just look at a name to just the validity and legitimacy of information.




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