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On the fake media outrage, an exceedingly brief commentary…

…because it’s a big topic with lots to say, and I’m just putting a portion of it into a nutshell here.

The thing about this ‘fake media’ outrage is this:

We have a huge problem in that we want to be able to verify information merely by seeing the name of a particular newspaper, or to be able to eschew information merely because of the name of a website. Names equal reputations, I know. But reputations are not always what they are cracked up to me.

So, you read something in The New York Times? Don’t think it hasn’t been through the wrong kind of filter. (Read¬†Unspeakable¬†by Chris Hedges and David Talbot for a former NYT reporter’s take on the NYT.)

Read something on a site you don’t know? That doesn’t mean it isn’t factual info. Or that part of it isn’t.

We need to learn to do MORE than just look at a name to just the validity and legitimacy of information.




I actually read a Stephen King book.

You could knock me over with a feather. Who thought he’d ever write a book that I’d pick up and read. Writing teachers have said what a great writer he is, and don’t think I wasn’t flummoxed at that info. But, actually, he is. At least, 11/22/63¬†is great. Unexpected and unusual use of the time travel theme and lots of emotion are two components that, for me, were compelling. I had known that if I tried a King book, this would be it. It was a good pick.


Oh my, oh my…

Doesn’t the title of Diana Gabaldon’s ninth Outlander book just make you “Oooooh!”?

She has the most fantastic titles.

I had no idea that the title was already out. Or did I? Doesn’t matter because now I have the fun of that discover again. Maybe. Who knows? I’m not really sure.

See the giddy effect bookish news can have on a reader?