Quick notes on my reading of Melissa Mayhue’s All the Time You Need


So many nice things about this book! It didn’t do the usual will-they-won’t-they thing where they nearly come together and then get torn apart by people or circumstances, and you are impatient for the peaceful enjoyment of reading about the characters without the (even though you know it’s temporary) angsty-ness that usually happen at least one or two times in book. Here, a difficulty starts, and within a few paragraphs, you can see order resuming, at least for the individual challenges within the larger story conflict. And that larger conflict is not one that tears at you the whole time you are reading, so you can enjoy yourself without the…suspense? Perhaps it is just me, but I really like not to get into nervous knots when I’m reading most stories, at least love stories. Little bumps in the road easily but smartly smoothed are quite enough for me!

I liked the prologue, too. I liked – is this a SPOILER???? – how the main couple were involved in the prologue.

However, – WARNING that this is probably a SPOILER, though we know there’s happily always an HEA in romance novels – the scene of the return was so fast, too fast, imho. I was really looking forward to it, and then, boom, there it was. Not the momentous, savory occasion befitting an ending or needed. The prologue kind of made up for that, though. I cared a lot for the book and appreciated so much the adventuresome but calm enjoyment I was able to derive from it, that I wanted something longer and more detailed and more….Wow! I can’t believe it’s you! Never, never, never do that again or I’ll die!!! kind of thing. But, of course, written like the rest of the book (i.e. better) than my sad attempt – in italics above – at showing emotion.

Really, really enjoying Melissa Mayhue’s books!!!



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