You know, it steams me when common sense is ignored. There are just some things a school needs: a library is one of the most basic of those things.

Apparently, Chicago has deemed the library at DuSable High School as expendable due to money problems. The students – GREAT STUDENTS! – clearly, don’t see it that way. They participated in a “read-in” to protest the closing and the firing of the librarian there. Check out the wonderful comments from students in here and the great images of the sit-in.

Here’s a wonderful quote from one of the students cited in an article by Andrea V. Watson entitled Hundreds From DuSable Campus Stage Sit-In To Keep Library Open:

“Libraries are essential to all CPS schools, not just Dusable,” Sabaria said. “Without resources and reliable people, such as librarians, our resources are limited. Being on the South Side of Chicago is already a huge disadvantage.”

It occurs to me that perhaps governments and politicians should never be allowed to complain about student achievement or performance….or even attitudes…. if those same governments and politicians are willing to cut off basic resources from the students in their charge.




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