Gender in books and book marketing… Concerned?

The thing is a lot of little girls DO actually like the pink and the frou-frou, and I’ve certainly seen little boys who love machinery and other stereotypical ‘boy stuff.’ Is it wrong to highlight the pink as pink? And the blue as blue? Would girls really stay away from things for boys just because they are labeled as such? I would be concerned about boys who don’t feel comfortable reaching for the ‘girlish’ things. They should be encouraged to do what is natural for them, whatever it is. But the ‘girlish’ will still be the ‘girlish.’ And if that is what a boy or girl wants, why change it? Why not, instead, just embrace it all? The strictly pink or blue, the purple, the neutral yellow, etc… And encourage children to be whoever they are.

But, what do you think?? I’d love to hear thoughts from readers, parents, ex-children… I’m only two out of three. 😉


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