Armchair literary tours?

I just discovered the Street View feature of Google Maps. What a kick! I took a tour of a Hungarian city that I last visited 20 years ago. It brought back so much of the flavor of the place for me, and I thought, ‘What a great tool for traveling from your desk!’

Now, I am thinking about applications to literary interests. When I really get into a book that takes places somewhere far off, now I could, conceivably, not only look at pics of the place and look at online author comments and snapshots of their geographic inspiration, I can take a little “walking” tour of the place. A new way to “Let your fingers do the walking,” to use an old Yellow Pages (remember using those – in hard copy?) slogan. As long as Google trucks have photographed the place, I guess it’s an option until I win the lottery, which, face it, is hard to do when you don’t play.

Any A Discovery of Witches fans out there? Here’s Google Maps Street View of Oxford, England.


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