A fun little Disney Princess rebellion…but are they right?

Here’s a link to a cute video from AVbyte that’s fun to watch. I found it via Facebook and Upworthy, where there’s an interesting discussion going on about the video’s message.

Some people agree, some don’t, the usual stuff. But, to me, it seems a bit retro, doesn’t it?

Setting up a juxtaposition between the extreme of the image of Disney Princesses and the extreme of the idea that a significant other will cramp your personality…I don’t know. Perhaps we need in 2014 to move beyond this. Perhaps the aim and message now should be that partners should let each other be who they are and still be teammates. We don’t need a man, do we? And yet every human needs a companion…which kind of does mean women need men. And men need women. It’s often HIGHLY unfortunate, but part of a balanced life. (And, of course, a better way to say this is: Depending on your sexual orientation, you need another person. But, I am sticking here with the age-old theme that the video refers to.)

Still, maybe I’m just in a good mood today. I can see times I would not sing – I would YELL – this song from the rooftops. And, for the teammates-who-need-and-want-each-other idea, both parties need to be in on the agreement. Sadly, men have often failed terribly  through the ages, including today, at being equal, understanding partners.

I think someone could probably write a dissertation on this video, actually. That would be very interesting reading.




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