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A fun little Disney Princess rebellion…but are they right?

Here’s a link to a cute video from AVbyte that’s fun to watch. I found it via Facebook and Upworthy, where there’s an interesting discussion going on about the video’s message.

Some people agree, some don’t, the usual stuff. But, to me, it seems a bit retro, doesn’t it?

Setting up a juxtaposition between the extreme of the image of Disney Princesses and the extreme of the idea that a significant other will cramp your personality…I don’t know. Perhaps we need in 2014 to move beyond this. Perhaps the aim and message now should be that partners should let each other be who they are and still be teammates. We don’t need a man, do we? And yet every human needs a companion…which kind of does mean women need men. And men need women. It’s often HIGHLY unfortunate, but part of a balanced life. (And, of course, a better way to say this is: Depending on your sexual orientation, you need another person. But, I am sticking here with the age-old theme that the video refers to.)

Still, maybe I’m just in a good mood today. I can see times I would not sing – I would YELL – this song from the rooftops. And, for the teammates-who-need-and-want-each-other idea, both parties need to be in on the agreement. Sadly, men have often failed terribly  through the ages, including today, at being equal, understanding partners.

I think someone could probably write a dissertation on this video, actually. That would be very interesting reading.




Bookstore Discoveries.

I love to discover new places to buy books, particularly used books. I’m finding there’s a charm in used bookstores that regular stores just don’t have. And, I love that organizations can benefit from used book sales. It’s a win-win for reader and seller alike. Actually, it’s more than win-win because the reader gets so much more out of it than just a book. They also get a better community in which each person helps the other out. All that and stories, too. Who couldn’t like that?

Here’s a place I haven’t checked out, but want to soon. Sounds like a wonderful way for young people to learn so much about books, business, and more. It’s called More Than Words. Such an apt name! 🙂




Boston is creating a Literary Cultural District: here are a couple of the places where Louisa May Alcott lived

I’m reblogging this from the Louisa May Alcott Is My Passion website. Isn’t this super-exciting!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to the author of that blog, Susan Bailey, for sharing it with the internet!

Louisa May Alcott is My Passion

I am very excited about this since I live an hour out of Boston. There are already many sites in Boston that are related to the Alcotts but having a literary cultural district is very cool. Here is more information about that effort:

In a quote from the article, the idea grew from a fortuitous conversation:

“The idea for a literary district grew out of a conversation between GrubStreet executive director Eve Bridburg and MCC head Anita Walker when the former bemoaned the fact that even though there is a lot happening culturally in Boston, you don’t often hear about the writers. The goal is to provide a series of walks through Boston’s literary history, while supporting writers and publishers working today. It’s also about including all the literary efforts in the city under one umbrella. “We’re thinking about branding the work that everybody is doing so that there’s…

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Used Bookstore Fun Find!

outlanderI confess that I’m one who collects different editions of the same book if that book has some kind of significance to me beyond the usual. Here’s an Outlander that was apparently a freebie for someone, but it’s not an Advanced Reading Copy, since there are several subsequent Outlander series books listed inside and the edition include a sneak peak of An Echo in the Bone (“Coming 9/22/09 in Hardcover”).
It’s a terribly neat and fun edition with only words on the front cover and a Celtic-looking design. This is not something I’d feel comfortable buying at a standard mass market paperback price, since I wouldn’t need it. But at a charity shop – and possibly on half-off day – I guess it’s okay.