A Christmas present from 70 years past…

Shirley Warburton’s father really hit the nail on the head in 1943 when he gave his daughter Now, Voyager for Christmas. Boy, was that girl happy! So happy, in fact, that you can practically still hear her youthful squeals today. Can’t you? Take a look, and tell me you don’t agree. I dare you!

You see, Shirley defaced her book in the most beautiful ways…

She pasted magazine pics of the Bette Davis movie inside the front cover.


And then again on the next two pages.

Image And on another page.

ImageClearly, Shirley had no cold feet when it came to decorating her book. I know so many people – well, me – who don’t want to do anything to their books (confession: I do use bookplates), but Shirley was in a delightful class of her own.

Because she went on.


As you can see, she even colorized them with green and red.

There are more photos inside, like this one.

ImageAnd there’s even a pop-up construction as a grand finale inside the back cover.

ImageI think I love this girl. I am so fortunate that this was the used copy that turned up at my door when I ordered online. I had known that there’d be news cuttings inside, but I never dreamed it would be so wonderful. This is SO much better than a brand new copy.

Thanks, Shirley.





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