Happy Birthday to Georgetter Heyer!


Georgette Heyer

She gave us about 600 novels which we can use to let our imaginations out and play, and that’s definitely something to celebrate.

I’ve so far only read The Reluctant Widow and Charity Girl which I got from the beautiful Sourcebooks collection of re-releases – a wonderful idea on their part – as freebies in exchange for a review. I liked Widow more than Charity Girl, but I’m looking forward to trying out so many more.

Heyer is beloved by Austen and Regency fans and it seems to me that finding her is like finding a treasure chest of stories you never knew existed – you thought you’d run out of water and walk out the door to find not just a bottle of fresh cold water, but an entire lake-full of the stuff. That’s joy, people. I LOVE it when that happens; every reader does, don’t you think?

Notes! – Sourcebooks seems to be having a sale on Heyer ebooks till Aug 20 

               – Here’s a little USA Today celebration of Heyer.


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