I love bookish pictures…

and I collect them on Pinterest and flashdrives. I particular love the illustrations of old girls’ series. Enid Blyton wasn’t one of the writers I read; she wasn’t popular in the United States as she was in the U.K. But I read the first Malory Towers as an adult, and it was great fun – just the kind of old-style descriptions and antique phrasing – some may say stilted; I say wonderful – I loved as a child.

This little cartoon is great because it reminds me of all of us who collected books and loved them as children and as adults, too.

If you’re interested in Enid Blyton, here is a link to The Enid Blyton Society. And here’s the post from the very fun Abe Books website that got me thinking about Blyton today.

 Finally – and I should probably have started with this – today is Enid Blyton’s birthday. She would have been 115 years old.

Happy Birthday to a very prolific writer of beloved children’s books (600 of them!)!



2 thoughts on “I love bookish pictures…

  1. What a lovely post: helps us come down from the hysteria which been prevalent here in the UK for the past fortnight. I love the two photos you have chosen, which seem to show the difference between Blyton’s private and public persona. A very private woman, in so many ways. A bit of a George from the Famous Five, maybe?

    Great post. Thank you.

    • Thank you!! I’m so glad you liked it. I havent’ read the Famous Five, but a high school acquaintance says she loved them, so I’m going to have to try. It’s so wonderful to discover new series and writers!

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