C.S. Lewis – The Future of Forestry

I just found a poem by C.S. Lewis that is magnificent, moving, foresightful. It’s kind of an eco-lover’s dream of understanding the gem we have in the earth. Apparently, there’s a musical band that’s using the title for their name. I was poking around on the Narnia Fans site, and found out about them. I love that about reading: you poke around and peruse for info on topics you love (Narnia and CS Lewis), then end up finding out something new (a Lewis-inspired band name), and end up finding a wonderful poem (The Future of Forestry.) Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry, which seems to give the poem in full. It’s beautiful and breathtaking. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “C.S. Lewis – The Future of Forestry

  1. Hey. I found out about the poem just recently from a post by the band. Had no idea they were named after the poem, even though I am a C.S. Lewis fan. I guess I had a similar, although a different “process,” experience in finding out about the poem

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