Games! Literature-inspired games!

I always thought it would be great if there were a Jane Austen video, computer or board game. Here’s some of what I’ve run across:


Liebe & Intrige – Great rhyme and sweet idea.

Suitors and Sensibility – Looks like more fun.

Pride and Prejudice The Game – The book is, after all, the general fave of most people.

Match and Matrimony – I love the way these games go with Austen’s titles.

(All found on

Computer Games

Apparently, there are two now: Rogues and Romance from the BBC Worldwide and Matches and Matrimony from Amazon Digital Services.

Finally, I got started on this post when I found an article via The Everything Austen Daily, which I recently discovered. It’s a great idea for a newsletter that pulls together Jane Austen stuff from across the web. I’m glad I found it. A nice bonus is that this article (last paragraph) lists other lit-inspired computer games. I have to check them out….


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