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The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

Here’s a review I wrote at Bookend Babes on Susanna Kearsley’s beautiful The Winter Sea.  “Ancestral memory,” they call it. Now, doesn’t that sound awfully intriguing?


Highland Scandal by Julia London – My Goodreads review


I don’t know what people’s problems are with this book. I’ve looked at some of the reviews here, and feel as though others must have read an entirely different book from the one I did. It was great. Really, really great and warm and loving. Yes, it was in the tradition of all those tales wherein a group of people are thrown together, detest each other and then grow to be each others biggest fans after a remarkably fortuitous shift in the social circle, but who cares? Julia London did it well, with almost cinematic descriptions, or at least highly visual ones that I could see a director thanking her for if a movie were ever made. There’s enough in life to moan about. Why moan about a genuinely good book? Sorry. I have no patience for silly criticisms.

Recently Reading…

Here’s what I’ve been reading recently:

Highland Scandal by Julia London – So good and sweet and warm and lovely and great. Such a surprise. It’s just lovely, not at all the badly written romance a book with the blurb “sinfully sexy” on the cover (along with a barechested man and buxom woman) would have you believe. What a disservice! Just another reason not to judge a book by its cover.

And, actually, sad to say that’s about it. I am usually trying to get through multiple books at a time but, lately, I’ve been happily focused on one, not my usual finger in every pie. Let’s face it, life’s too busy to let that happen all the time.

I did try Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale which, sorry to say, I found sorely disappointing. I stopped a little ways in, but will try again later. I really enjoyed Austenland. A lot of people said that the main character was really childish in that one and that she behaved like a teenager in love. So? She wasn’t a stupid teenager in love. It’s like readers resented the lack of sex and heavy petting. Idiots. So, yea to Austenland, so far its follow-up hasn’t fared so well as far as I’m concerned. Maybe I’ll eat my words one day.

I read One Hundred Kisses by Celia Haddon, a collection of love and kissy quotes. Very nice.

Also, Redcoats and Rebels by Christopher Hibbert. Not so lovey-dovey, it’s about the American Revolution from the British side of things. Just reading it now. It’s very entertaining so far.