Why is it that I’m well into adulthood – and I mean well – and I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve?

Well, it doesn’t have to do with Santa Claus. It’s a very nice Christmas so far, but  brow-furrowing, nose-wrinkling, jaw-tightening, lip-pursing tension can apparently happen even when sugar plum fairies are supposed to be dancing in your head.


I’m watching a DVD of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and making a list, not bothering to check it too much, and just having some diverting fun.

While Sue Ann puts the moves on Lou, I’m going to peck out my reads from this year, at least thus far. (I’m thinking optimistically, you see. I might read more books yet!) Here they are in no particular order at all:

The Winter Sea – Susanna Kearsley

Into the Wilderness – Sara Donati

Avalon High – Meg Cabot

The Heroine’s Bookshelf – Erin Blakemore

Nocturne – Syrie James

The Book of Boston, Colonial Period – Marjorie Drake Ross

The Book of Boston, Federal Period – Marjorie Drake Ross

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf – Molly Harper

Dead Reckoning – Charlaine Harris

Overbite – Meg Cabot

Green Darkness – Anya Seton

Smouldering Fires – Anya Seton

Dragonwyck – Anya Seton

Eats, Shoots and Leaves – Lynne Truss

Mariana – Susanna Kearsley

The Secret of the Wooden Lady – Carolyn Keene (yeah, sure – wink, wink)

Images of America, Larz Anderson Park – Evan P. Ide (pictorial history)

The Wild Hunt – Elizabeth Chadwick

Annals and Reminiscinces of Jamaica Plain – Harriet Manning Whitcomb

(Mary just walked into Sue Ann’s bedroom for the first time. It’s puffy and pink, like a gaggle of flamingos decorated it.)

As you can see, I include picture books and children’s chapter books on my books-read list. I’m shameless that way.

This year I…

… re-discovered Nancy Drew and found that it holds up exceedingly well – a complete surprise.

… made a few new finds – some brilliant, some good, but all great to have discovered.

… took a chance on Outlander. Thank goodness!!

… happened upon Into the Wilderness. Thank goodness, again!

… finally looked into Anya Seton’s works. She’s really quite something else. (a good thing)

… discovered the soft-spoken text of Susanna Kearsley’s works. (Looking forward to much more!)

… found out werewolves are as fun as vampires.

… finally came into my dormant interest in Colonial Boston. It was gestating for a long time and now it’s a healthy, bouncing baby hobby-ette. Let’s hope it stays that way; I’m trying to write a novel. Hmmm.

Well, I’m finished. Mary Tyler Moore is long over. I’m happy with my mini-review of the year’s reading. And my sinuses still feel clenched. Oh well.

NB: I know sinuses don’t clench. It’s a metaphor.


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