Those moments when lit meets life – This one delivered to you by Jane Austen.

When I saw this bookmark, I thought, What frothy truth! It’s a familiar quote that I liked, and the combo of it and the joie de vivre expressed in the picture was, as an Austen character might say, excessively pleasing.

Austen has a way of seeming light and delivering great, and disturbing, meaning. Okay, her novels end in love matches and happy ever afters, but the point – at least one of the points – is that for most women it didn’t and what a b**** it was that her sex had the personal freedom of a chain gang.

You get the idea: Just because the beach water looks so pleasing doesn’t mean it wouldn’t taste yucky.

So, this weekend a man who’d kind of led me on during an eight-month overseas correspondence broke off our acquaintance (in the nicest way possible, but it hurt). And I’m thinking back on this quote and it’s so true, isn’t it? I’d started cautiously dreaming, and then – reality. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus or whatever, I’m not faulting myself – and only faulting him a little(ish).

There it is, then. Sweet, but yucky. Delivered with great elegance by my  pen friend and Jane Austen.


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