I get so emotional…when it comes to books about punctuation.

So emotional, at least when I began Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Trusse that I was steaming on the subway that she took punctuation waaaaaaay too seriously. Thank goodness I stopped reading it for a while (for no particular reason, by the way). It gave me a chance to get out of whatever weird humorless funk I was in and really enjoy the book.

How often do you get to laugh out loud at a book about commas? Or even exclamation points? How often can you regale family in the park with your readings of passages from a grammar book? Never, especially for that last question. And, yet, I did all of the above when reading Trusse’s book. If you ever go to a dinner party with a group of English teachers, memorize one or two tidbits from this book and you’ll be prepared with auxiliary conversation topics when weather talk gets boring. You will know more than they do, so be judicious in sharing your knowledge to avoid bruised egos. But, I’m telling you, whip out one tiny factoid on Aldus Manutius the Elder and the debut of the semi-colon, work it the right way, sit back and enjoy.



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