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comments on Overbite by Meg Cabot, *spoilers near end of comments*

Okay, so I got up at about 9am on July 8, checked email, clicked on tracking of my shipment of Overbite, Meg Cabot’s sequel to Insatiable, from the Borders and it said it would arrive by 10:30am! Ha! I thought. An hour and a half.

The fact that I’m a grown person acting like a child on Christmas morning – I heard Santa! – sounds a little disturbing now that I see it on my computer screen. Still, it was a day off and it was a nice way to begin it.

I quickly realized (more embarrassing self-disclosure is coming) that the package could arrive any time before 10:30. Oh boy.

Ten minutes later Fedex arrives, I happen to notice through the window. The gentleman throws it rather unceremoniously up several steps onto the front landing. Remember when they used to ring? It was a nice quiet delivery. Sweet. Good for first thing in the morning.

I stumble out the door, accidentally push the doorbell with my elbow, and set the dog off barking. Well, I got my book; no reason she shouldn’t have a little excitement, too.

I’d been wondering before if I should read it right away or wait for the weekend. Should I finish Green Darkness by Anya Seton? Should I risk being addicted to Overbite midweek? Should I wait? Read? Wait? Read?

Tearing off the tab off that opens the packaging and pulling out the book, I couldn’t believe how thin it seemed. 278 pages. Insatiable had been FAT, somewhere in the 500s.

Once you pull a new eagerly awaited book from its envelope the decision is kind of made for you. At least it feels like that. I’d read it, but I needed to get it done that day.

I’d forgotten how fast a read Insatiable was last year. So wonderfully easy to read. I remember a few pages in to Overbite. This was nice quickly readable text, too. And the first scene was an effective attention-grabber. The scene continued in cinematic style, at least that’s they way it played in my head as I read the words. Well done there.

I find it impressive the complex way Cabot has created characters with backstories and an involved plot. Kudos on that. I did, indeed, get the book finished yesterday and it was fun. Lots of it. But, there’s something to be said for savoring a book, because at the end I felt rushed, but I don’t think it was my reading. But, if I’d taken my time, I’d know now, wouldn’t I?

I needed, needed, needed more! More with the romantic duo that I’d been waiting all year to read about. More interpersonal stuff. More romance. More time. More insight into all of the characters.

It really felt – and the fact that I rushed off to Overbite’s Facebook page AND Goodreads at 1am to register my comments, which were maaaaaybee a little overwrought – that Caobt didn’t have time to do a proper ending???

It seems horrible to say. And that’s why I feel that I should have savored it a bit more. I have a tendency to be fairly emotionally involved in the way the stories I like are written. You should (shouldn’t, really) see my comments on Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series. (I was a bit harsh.) If I had read over a longer period perhaps it would not have seemed abbreviated.


But I wanted more Alaric! And Meena! And their banter and awkwardness and personalities and personal lives and stuff! And, frankly, a little bit of a struggle in Lucien’s internal struggle between good vs evil would have deepened his character, I believe. He left kind of mysterious in Insatiable and apparently did a lot of changing in a journey we don’t get to see before this book begins. It was not so difficult to dislike him in Overbite. Should it not have been a little difficult at some point in the book before he went all rotten, as necessary as the was?

And Alaric! And Holtzman! And the minor Palatine characters! I would’ve like to have seen them some more.

But there are surprising twists and turns and lots of actions and the characters are, after all, back. And I wish I didn’t have to wait another series.

PS – ‘Craving’ was such a better title!