The reading list of an undisciplined (but enthused) reader, and other things she’s worrying about, too.

I’ve been doing lots of reading lately. A lot of it has been magazine stuff like The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, magazines that really let you sink your teeth in, bookmark a page, and come back to finish after a break. But they are time-consuming. This is not helped by the fact that I am, supposedly, an auditory reader – hideous thing – at least according to this site. I don’t know how reliable it is.

(Brief note: I became quite depressed the other night when I remembered how slowly I read on a high school test meant to rate our reading speeds. If I am to believe the about link, I was once a sight reader. Happy times! Much more efficient, it seems to me, than auditory.)

So I plod along at my auditory reading rate and love having tons of articles to read. But there’s only so much time. So, while I feel fortunate that I get a NY-er each week and a monthly VF, they take away from book reading time. No problems as far as fun goes, but what’s gonna happen with the, oh, five or so books I’ve got going at the moment. Will they ever be finished? I love to go on Goodreads and mark the completion of another book. It’s not, of course, the reason I read; it’s just a fun part of being a reader. So, now – and probably for some time to come – I have several books going. Having made significant progress in my magazines, I look forward to making similar progress with these books:

Dawn on a Distant Shore – Sara Donati
Not at all ashamed about reading this one.

Much Ado in the Moonlight – Lynn Kurland
Book snobbery is still part of my make-up, it seems, so not so easy to acknowledge this one. Being a Sookie Stackhouse reader, you’d think I’d learned a little humility by now. MAitM is part of my foray into romance. So far, so fun.

Dragonfly in Amber – Diana Gabaldon
Well, smart and addictive put together, like its predecessor. Despite that, I’m taking my time.

The Male Brain – Louann Brizendine, MD
I chose this over The Female Brain because, well, it actually looked less daunting.

The Diana Chronicles – Tina Brown
Even though Tina Brown wrote it, and I’ve never been a fan of hers for some reason, I’m reading it. Just at the beginning though. Must say, Brown’s observations on the physical growth of well-known women’s heads is strangely arguable. A bit of a low-blow, but funny.

Were You Born on the Wrong Continent? – Thomas Geoghegan
I don’t really like the attempt at folksy writing; if Geoghegan had been a wee bit more dry I might readily get some of his points more easily. This way I’m trying to decipher his humor. Still, interesting topic: social democracies.

Bonk – Mary Roach
Well, it was funny and interesting for a while, but I’ve had to take a massive break from it because, really, there’s only so much well-researched writing spiked with light vulgarity a person can take in a book about sex research. One day I’ll finish it.


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