An author having fun. It’s nice.

Just saw this.

Do any authors seem to have as much fun as Meg Cabot? It’s great stuff to watch, the fun she has with her stories.

I’ve not been a fan for very long – actually, I used to be quite critical – but she really won me over with Insatiable. Smart, funny, entertaining, absorbing…the happy yammer could go on. I can’t wait for the next in the series, Overbite, in a couple of weeks. I even came to terms with the change in title from the arguably better “Craving.’

But what really is amazing (to me) is how this woman really fascinates…me. First of all, how does she write so much and seem to maintain such youthful energy??I didn’t have such energy when I was a teenager. She’s doing her own promo videos, she’s updating her blog, she’s writing bestseller after bestseller, she’s learned to live on a gluten-free diet cheerfully…..How does she do it? Meg, please write an autobiography!!!

First, generally, all writers are interesting people. And I want to know what it’s like to be a veritable fountain of storytelling. Sincerely, this is fantasy-inducing stuff. Forget about being a movie star, this is way more interesting.

And then, again, there’s that time issue. How is it possible to read all those tabloids AND watch all that television, too? I really want to know the secrets of Cabot’s time management system. I don’t care for most of what’s on TV or in People magazine these days, still there’s something about the ability to drink all of that in and produce mountains of writing at the same time.

For readers in general, I think following authors is like following baseball players is for little ones. Dreamy. It’s as much fun, really, as some of the books. Basically, it’s like there’s the fantasy of the storybook and the added fantasy of the writer’s life. As we know, fantasies are not always, or even usually, what they seem. All I can say is few writers are quite as winsome outside their books as Cabot seems to be. So, I guess this makes her my writer crush. Or one of them. I’m not exactly exclusive.

Well, all I was going to do originally is post this video link. Instead, I’ve prattled on about Cabot-allure. But a bookish blog would be the place to do that, wouldn’t it?


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