Recents reads – Meg Cabot’s Avalon High

I spy with my bookish eye a whole lot of stuff to read on a daily basis.

So, I’ve been indulging and trying, too, to read more speedily which I’m convinced won’t take away from the joy of it, but may help. No need to dilly-dally when you’re reading for pleasure, anyway.

My best time so far may be one weekend reading Avalon High by Meg Cabot. Started yesterday, finished this evening. Such a light read, a teen fantasy/romance, but it took me that long since I tend often to hem and haw. Still.

Was it on Goodreads that I found out about Avalon High? I’m on so many sites so often I never can tell, and I find potential reads e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, which is nice, but my mind is not the Random Access Memory device it was when I was a child. Remember those days? Before we needed day-timers? Over.

So A.H. is a fun King Arthur-inspired ride that I enjoyed. But I was disappointed that the sequels appear to be manga. I prefer diving into text, even if it’s really simple text, sometimes especially.

Meg Cabot has surprised me, by the way. She’s a lot of fun. (Her blog, too.) Once upon a time, I thought, Oh, her characters all sound alike;oh, how can she think of so many books? Well, because her characters all sound alike. And it’s kind of blah, really Now, I just think Well, her characters do kind of have a common sound, but so far Insatiable and Avalon High have been fun romps; bring on Overbite.That’s her new book in the Insatiable series; it comes out this year. Yay!

Really, I don’t know how she manages all her pop culture knowledge. I’d go crazy paying attention to television and fads. As a co-worker said some time ago when glancing through People magazine, I don’t even know who any of these people are anymore. And I, for one, am absolutely okay with that. Thankfully, Meg Cabot seems to enjoy this stuff and can parlay it into entertaining writing. And, so we get fun stuff to read.


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